Didn’t You Start A Petition?

Indeed I did. Did it get the necessary 100,000 signatures so it had to be debated in Parliament? Not by a long shot. and I did ‘attach’ to the result for a while – thinking that maybe it was a bad idea. But then I thought maybe there were people who read the petition, didn’t sign, but did shut their shop doors or encouraged others to do so.

The petition is closed now, but here is what the petition said:

To save energy, require shops to keep their doors closed during opening hours.

Introduce legislation requiring all shops to have their doors closed (that is, not fixed open) during opening hours. This proposal is prompted by both the current high cost of energy, and wasting precious energy and the costs of producing it on a planet that is experiencing global warming. 
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We all understand that shops need to be welcoming to customers, but customers should quickly realise that a closed door does not mean a closed shop. Many shops appear to put fear of missing out on potential customers above the desire to conserve energy – whether heating or air conditioning, No shop should feel disadvantaged if all shops were required by law to have their doors closed so as reduce energy waste.