You Didn’t Ask, But

Arrgh, Disaster looms! Well, that will push people along and you might think it is a laudable way to get people to do good. The problem with it is that it tacitly makes the argument that doing all the things we do is OK so long as the consequence is that we do not cause global warming that leads to …

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Didn’t You Start A Petition?

Indeed I did. Did it get the necessary 100,000 signatures so it had to be debated in Parliament? Not by a long shot. and I did ‘attach’ to the result for a while – thinking that maybe it was a bad idea. But then I thought maybe there were people who read the petition, didn’t sign, but did shut their …

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Nature and Cambridge

I live in Cambridge, with access to nature not more than a few hundred yards from the middle of the city. Yes, it’s flat around here, but when you walk from the middle of town onto Laundress Green and follow the footpath onto Sheep’s Green, you can feel how you are dropping down a level. The land floods at certain …

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