We are two people – David and Tamara – each with our particular way of looking at the problems the world faces. My wife Tamara started this ball rolling by going into shops and talking to the people who worked there. She asked why the doors were open when the heating was on and it was winter outside? Or why the doors were open and it was the middle of summer and the air conditioning was on? That’s how it started – asking Government to regulate so all shopkeepers have to keep their doors closed.

A lot of people have been sympathetic to what we’re doing. A couple of people have said we should mind our own business. But then Governments mind our business. We elect them to mind our business. We elect all kinds of people to do things on behalf of other people. What we are asking is for the Government to bring in a regulation that protects everyone for the benefit of everyone. It’s no different really than insisting on seat belts or driving licences.

Should people mind their own business? It’s precisely because people mind their own business that we’ve got the problems that we have. Governments take notice when enough people think one way. We need the opposite of mind your own business. We need to work together, to connect more, to make a stronger sense of doing things for each other because of each other.